Tyler meets the family

We just got back from a trip to Hawaii where the book was unveiled to our family. It was quite a challenge all these months to keep it a secret, but we were successful. Our son, daughter in law and first grandchild were introduced to “Tyler goes to the Olympics?” and the craziness surrounding Tyler and friends. Surprise is an understatement for their reaction. The plan was to place a copy of the book on a coffee table in our rented condo unit and wait. At one point in the day my son took the bait and picked up the book. He was thumbing through it and then some things started to not add up. Why did the book have a javelin throwing turtle on the cover? What a strange coincidence to have a officer named Rowdy when we know one in real life? Why was there a Pickleball in the book? We suggested reading the dedication page to answer the questions. That’s when the smiles and laughter came out. What a special moment. We added another surprise by presenting tee shirts with the characters on them and team names, like Team Tyler, Team Smikael, etc and their favorite numbers on the back to the whole family. The baby got number 1 on Team Tyler (I was also on Team Tyler). It was well worth all the months of work to prepare for the unveiling.

While in Hawaii there were sightings of Aloha, Tyler and even Smikael. It looks like another adventure is going to be written in a book to document Tyler’s visit to Hawaii. Be sure to look for it early next year.

Published by tommy917

The Adventures of Tyler the Turtle is the first book written by Tommy Arthur. Started as a family project for the pending birth of his first grandchild, the joy of writing Tyler led to publishing the book. Tyler plans to have many more adventures and loves to travel so Tommy will be busy bringing these adventures to future books.

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