About the blog

This is our first blog. Hopefully it is a journey we all enjoy and learn together from. This blog provides the ability to share our thoughts and get feedback directly from readers. We hope to provide insight into the subtleties behind the pages in the book and any sub plots. We hope to find out what people (especially children) enjoy and want to see more of. We are experimenting with a partial book and partial technology component and want to hear how that is working and being used. We envision adding exciting dynamics to the technology component in the near future, and want to get feedback about these changes.

It was a great thrill to get Olympic great Daley Thompson, from Great Britain, to read and endorse our first book (Tyler goes to the Olympics?) prior to its release. Thank you for your support. (To Daley, back in the 1980’s you taught me what a real athlete was and that I probably should get a job! A valuable lesson indeed).

We hope that this blog allows us to be on a journey together experiencing the wonderful world of Tyler and his adventures.

Published by tommy917

The Adventures of Tyler the Turtle is the first book written by Tommy Arthur. Started as a family project for the pending birth of his first grandchild, the joy of writing Tyler led to publishing the book. Tyler plans to have many more adventures and loves to travel so Tommy will be busy bringing these adventures to future books.

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